EXIMPO COOL CHAIN is privately owned, operated, refrigerated and dry warehouse company whose employees are dedicated for uncompromising quality and service.

EXIMPO has been providing its customers with quality ‘Dry Warehousing’ services since 2000, with successful track record. We are providing dry warehousing services covering an area 310,000 SQFT with storage capacity of more than 6’200,000 CFT.

Whether it is a small business organization or a large business enterprise, they will definitely require a warehouse to store their products safely and securely. Consequently, EXIMPO Cool Chain Pvt. Ltd offers highly reliable Warehousing Services to fulfill the need of the customers. We also offer Cold Storage Services for various food items.

Consistently, we are providing effective and efficient solution for distribution of goods from one place to another. All our Warehousing and Cold Storage Facilities and Services are economical and synchronized as per with the operational standards that has been recommended by various national federations.